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This 6+ module, self-paced course is
PD your way, on your own schedule,
and support when you need it!


- Saying goodbye to the tech platform maze! 

Gain clarity and confidence as we guide you through the best tools and platforms for your classroom, saving you time and frustration.

- Never getting caught unprepared on a rainy day!

Build a library of versatile tech resources and activities that will keep your students engaged for when you're in class or when you need a mental health day.

- Feeling supported, seen, and heard!

Receive the support, mentorship, and soundboarding opportunities you desire with 0 judgement, but all the inspo. 

- Empowering your students beyond classroom walls!

Equip them (and yourself!) with essential tech tools that will enhance their learning journey both in and out of school, setting them up for success in the digital age.

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Included in this self-paced course:

F A Q s

1 / What level is this best for?

I always ask new members of my Simply Tech Squad, "How tech savvy are you on a scale from 1-10 (1 = you're getting your feet wet; 10 = you're a tech wiz)?"

While I wouldn't necessarily say a level 9/10 needs this course, you can always learn something new. 

To me this course is best for a level 1-6, but anyone can get so much value from it. And as far as subject areas or years in teaching experience goes, it's truly for everyone. 

2 / How does the program run?

Once you sign up for the course, you get a welcome email outlining the details.


This self-paced course includes:

- Forever access to detailed filmed tutorials for all 6+ tech platforms taught included in the course

- A comprehensive course workbook that can be completed digitally or printed on paper

- Resource templates to make your own

- Bonus modules + resources

- Specified assignments to get your creative juices flowing

- 50% off coupon for a 1:1 session with me

3 / What do the modules include?

Topics covered include:

- Technology Classroom Integration Research Models
- Canva Design
- Maximizing Google Slides/Google Docs
- Collaboration Techniques on Jamboard (available until September 2024) soon to be replaced by Figma's FigJam 
- Game-changing AI Platforms
- Beneficial Google Chrome Extensions 
- Technology for Classroom Organization
- Technology for Gamifying the Classroom

4 / Will PD hours be awarded?

At the end of the program's completion (whenever you schedule our 1:1 session), you will receive a certificate of completion which also awards you 8 PD hours, if approved by your school's administration. 

You will also receive an Approval Request letter template to send to your administration that outlines the course, its benefits, and additional information they may require. 


I am also available via email or a Google Meet if your school's administration would like to discuss the program with me directly. 

5 / What is the pricing?

This self-paced course has so much value, and is only $67!

Don't miss this fantastic opportunity to elevate your tech mastery skills while saving big! 💻💰

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