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Teacher Tech Mastery


Remember when you used to love teaching? Yeah, let's get back to that! This 6+ module, self-paced course is PD your way, on your own schedule, and support when you need it - its focus: classroom tech integration for increased engagement and time-saving strategies so you can leave work at work. Allow me to help you feel comfortable, confident, and creative in your classroom again. Receive the support, mentorship, and soundboarding opportunities you desire with 0 judgement, but all the inspo. This self-paced course includes: - Forever access to detailed filmed tutorials for all 6+ tech platforms taught included in the course - A comprehensive course workbook that can be completed digitally or printed on paper - Resource templates to make your own - Bonus modules + resources - Specified assignments to get your creative juices flowing - 50% off coupon for a 1:1 session with me At the end of the program's completion (whenever you schedule our 1:1 session), you will receive a certificate of completion which also awards you 8 PD hours, if approved by your school's administration. ​You will also receive an Approval Request letter template to send to your administration that outlines the course, its benefits, and additional information they may require. I am also available via email or a Google Meet if your school's administration would like to discuss the program with me directly.




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