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Expectations Review Google Slide Deck

This editable Google Slide deck is perfect to assign to your students on one day during the first week back from break. Separate your students into groups and give each group a class procedure or expectation to review. 


My 2024 Mood Board Printable Excerpt

A few prompts you can assign your students the first day back or on the first Friday back from break. This excerpt sheet with the accompanying supplemental articles comes from the full resource containing a longer printable and digital option. If you like the freebie and want the entire resource, click here to purchase :)


Meme Wars

This fun activity is perfect for a Friday or whenever you want some laughs with your students. After pre-teaching expectations for a shared document, you would assign it to be editable by everyone, put 5-7 minutes on a timer and share favorites at the end. 


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