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I can't believe it's a new year already! I know the break flew by for all of us, and hopefully you took that time to rest and not do work, which means you might need a day or two to get your life back together upon returning. Guess what? The kids need a day or two as well. I hope this resource helps you (and them) take a beat before diving back in.


My favorite thing about these interactive resources is that they mix SEL reflections with high-interest topics/activities for the students, so while they're "getting a break", they're still working on another part of themselves.


Included are 9 activities that have students look at different aspects of a new year, and reflect on their lives. It also includes several supplemental videos and articles to engage various learning styles, and it helps them with some tech tools, which are always great to have in their back pockets.



- Memories

- Music

- Relationships

- Habits

- Hobbies

- Goals

- Future Vision

- Mood

- Colors

2024 Mood Board - Interactive New Years Resource

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