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I have a knack for getting students who "won't do work" in other classes to at the very least try in mine. And at the very most, end up outperforming what they thought they could do themselves. My secret sauce: Empathy first, and then making sure content is in-reach, relatable, rigorous, and has a touch of razzle-dazzle ✨


I spent the past decade of my life teaching secondary ELA and I was ecstatic when I mastered getting students to actually complete written assignments, to understand the components of a well-structured essay, and to be more confident in their academic abilities.

Not only did my students perform well in class, but several of my students also went on to achieve 100s in the state English EOCs, due in part to their overall rockstar-ness, but also in part to the strategies and formulas I reviewed over and over, and over, with them. 

But it wasn't always that way...for a long time I struggled with: 

😩 Wanting to rip my hair out from seeing blank docs or nothing at all being submitted

😩 Spending wayyy too much time grading/giving feedback that was just lost in the wind (and then moving on because they didn't care by the time feedback was given)

😩 Getting frustrated when their writing kept being basic and blah, and avoiding grading altogether
😩 Trying to go backwards after I realized they couldn't write a decent essay because they didn't know how to write a decent paragraph
😩 Spending buckets of time covering writing terms and MLA format and hoping something would stick
😩 Only assigning writing tasks when I realized I needed an essay in the gradebook (once a week or month or quarter) because I hated the idea of even having to tell them I needed them to write something
😩 Only assigning serious and rigid writing tasks that were boring for students to write and even more boring for me to read
😩 Not writing *with* my students but expecting them to know what I wanted

Does any of that sound familiar? Don't worry girl, we've all been there!

But if you're ready to feel excited and confident when it comes to teaching writing

and assigning writing tasks, keep reading 🤓

At camp, I will guide you through all the strategies needed to successfully cover writing skills with your students and go from a yawn-inducing, dread-filled, nails-on-board experience to an enjoyable, community-feel, hands-on one.


Our activities will help you creatively cover everything from teaching students to write juicy, powerful, descriptive sentences to rich, relevant, evidence-filled paragraphs, to organized, succinct essays that just flow. I know you've tried everything and feel exhausted; come try things my way and feel refreshed, with motivation renewed. 

This is for you if:

📝 You'd love a full plan with aligned resources for teaching your students necessary writing skills next school year + support in understanding how to implement the plan

📝 You understand what students need to be taught but are ready to infuse boring curriculum with zany ideas and refreshing strategies to help your students go from eye rolls to intrigue when it comes to writing assignments

📝 You love your students and know speaking to their interests in the classroom can work wonders

📝 You want a safe and encouraging space to brainstorm and share everything from frustrations to wins to feedback to your wildest ELA dreams with other teachers who just get it

📝 You're ready to level up in your classroom next school year and walk in on day 1 feeling the most confident you've ever been that you're about to rock out

Write Way Camp will include:

⛺️ 3 bi-weekly live calls for interactive discussions, workshops, and Q&A and replays in case you can't make it

⛺️ Hot seat coaching to address your specific challenges/needs

⛺️ Supportive group chat voice/text messaging via Telegram

⛺️ Resource bundles to enhance your teaching arsenal

⛺️ "Snacks" - bite-sized 10-minute PD videos for quick learning bursts so you can get the lessons you need and still have time to hit the pool after!

⛺️ Exciting gift card giveaways (Target, Starbucks, Staples/Office Depot, etc.)

⛺️ All access to Google Drive resources and Teacher Tech Mastery course

⛺️ Camp Essentials Welcome Pack mailed to you

Let's nerd out together and make this a summer PD to remember while

enjoying Oreos with peanut butter 🤪


If you are SO READY to have fun with your students while teaching writing, pack your virtual duffle bag, and let me show you how. If you're ready to level up next school year and have your students feeling like expert writers by the end, I'll see you at Write Way for an unforgettable learning experience with all the summer camp vibes!

Join the Fun!


The current price reflects an early bird special! The price will start increasing

when registration fully opens May 3rd. For an added bonus, bring

a friend to camp with you and you'll both get an extra 20% off! To do so,

DM or email me for the buddy system coupon code.

*Active Empowered Educator clients get automatic access.

DM me to add you. 

$627  $327 or payment plan using Afterpay

Get SO excited! I'll see you at Write Way!

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