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A true passion project, this small group 6-week program will be an ELA teacher virtual retreat where we cover all things writing standards/skills for your classroom next year. Transform your teaching approach and elevate student writing outcomes with Write Way Camp.

Join us for a summer of growth, inspiration, community, and fun!

A preview of what's included:

⛺️ 3 bi-weekly live calls for interactive discussions, workshops, and Q&A and replays in case you can't make it

⛺️ Hot seat coaching to address your specific challenges/needs

⛺️ Supportive group chat voice/text messaging via WhatsApp

⛺️ Resource bundles to enhance your teaching arsenal

⛺️ "Snacks" - bite-sized 10-minute PD videos for quick learning bursts so you can get the lessons you need and still have time to hit the pool after!

⛺️ Exciting gift card giveaways (Target, Starbucks, etc.)

⛺️ Access to Google Drive resources and Teacher Tech Mastery course

⛺️ Camp Essentials Welcome Pack mailed to you

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You're on your way to Camp Write Way :)

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