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This winter-themed activity is perfect for one of those days before winter break when you want to give your upper middle school or high school students a little break, while they still review necessary information.


According to the Mayo Clinic Health System, "Coloring is a healthy way to relieve stress. It calms the brain and helps your body relax. This can improve sleep and fatigue while decreasing body aches, heart rate, respiration, and feelings of depression and anxiety." You could even play some winter lo-fi and/or a crackling fireplace video in the background while they work on this activity to complete the relaxing ambiance :)


The worksheet includes excerpts from 8 different winter-based lyrics (no mention of Christmas) and students need to match them to the following figurative language devices:

- metaphor

- simile

- allusion

- onomatopoeia

- personification

- hyperbole

- alliteration

- assonance


Based on their responses, they will then color the sheet by the matching numbers.


*Includes answer key!

Winter Color by Numbers - Figurative Language Review

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