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Many schools require vocabulary programs/instructions in ELA classrooms, but often times, the assignments for these words are redundant and solely measure rote memorization. I wanted students to interact in a different way with their vocab so I created these task cards to shake things up.


These are meant to be printed, but I've also assigned them digitally before. Usually we'd have 20 words a week and I'd give them the choice of how they wanted to break up the words in the task cards. Other times, I'd assign different classes different groupings of the words to avoid plagiarism.


Another part of the assignment I'd have my students do is act out some of the words in mini-skits and either present live in front of the class or submit recordings. Basically, anything to get them creatively thinking about the words and not just memorizing the definitions.


Included is a link to the Google Drive folder housing the assignment (in 2 forms) and prior student work examples. Feel free to contact me with any questions!

Vocabulary Task Cards

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