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There are 25 terms in the notes and 13 questions in the game. As students get correct answers, they progress forward while a hidden message reveals itself. When they get an incorrect answer, it allows them to go back and try again. The game version on Google Slides is a fun way to review ELA content with a spooky/Halloween theme.


In addition, there is an editable short story linked in the notes slide deck that has students practice close reading and identifying various literary devices.


Included in this spooky-themed resource:

- an editable notes/study slide deck with 25 literary device terms + examples, 13 of which are used in the game

- an editable short story with close-read instructions and short response questions

- the editable Google Slide deck version of the Google Slides game

- a video tutorial (on how to edit the game)

- a link to the game pre-set in presentation mode (to assign to students)

- the answer key for the game

- an ASMR link to add a little magic to the classroom during spooky season

Spooky Lit - Literary Devices Notes, Game, and Short Story!

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