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This interactive digital resource on Google Slides offers your high school or middle school students a thrilling opportunity to delve into the world of characterization through a spooky lens by mixing creative and critical thinking.


From haunted ghosts to mystical spells and everything in between, 'Spooky Characterization' encourages students to breathe life into their characters through imaginative prompts and activities. It's the perfect way to infuse a touch of Halloween spirit into your lessons while enhancing their understanding of character traits, motivations, and storytelling, and allowing them to make analytical inferences.


You can either have students respond to the 10 prompts based on characters in a class text, an independent reading text, or you can have students make up their own characters.


To add some rigor: Instruct students to add supporting text evidence to their responses.


To add some fun: YouTube Halloween ASMR (link option included) and play it in the background of class while students work on this activity.

Spooky Characterization Prompts

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