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This resource is designed to spark creativity and self-exploration among your middle school or high school students while incorporating the trending phrase "delulu is the solulu."


Perfect for morning meeting, brain break, or any day where you want to provide a break from regular content, but still want students engaged.


It encourages students to dream big, explore their aspirations, and boost their optimism levels through interactive activities and engaging prompts. This interactive digital resource offers a fresh and exciting approach to fostering a positive mindset and inspiring students to think boldly about their futures.


Inside, you'll find thought-provoking prompts that challenge students to envision their dreams, set ambitious goals, and share their aspirations with their peers. The activities are not only fun and relevant, but also designed to encourage self-reflection and meaningful discussion among your students, providing for an intrapersonal focus of social-emotional learning.

Now Airing: Delulu Land