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This resource takes your through four different stations using novels-in-verse that you can set up for your students. It's perfect for the middle or end of a poetry unit.


This includes instructions on how to run the lesson (with an accompanying video), ideas for station tasks, the digital station response sheets for students, station labels, and the excerpts used (from The Poet X, Long Way Down, Punching the Air, and Clap When You Land). 


Unfortunately, many students often have this idea that all reading is boring or that no books given in a classroom are anything but old and irrelevant, which is why I believe that exposure to novels-in-verse (NIVs) is so powerful.


Now, there will always be some kids who truly do not like to read (which is OKAY!), but nine times out of ten, when I put a NIV in a reluctant reader’s hands, they are surprised at the content, the layout, and their own excitement.

Novels-in-Verse Stations

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