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Looking for an engaging, quick print-and-go activity to kick off the week or semester with a bang?


This icebreaker merges music, self-expression, and connection. Students will look through 16 lyrics from artists Taylor Swift and Beyonce (both of whom have been on extremely popular concert tours this summer), circling the lines that resonate most deeply with them. And if they can't decide on all three, they get to fill in the gaps with their other favorite lyrics from other artists.


Not only does this activity allow students to explore their musical tastes, but it also provides an avenue for you to gain some insight into your students in a different way.


Music is a universal language that bridges gaps and builds bonds, and this activity is an engaging way to lean into that while getting to know students in a low-stakes way.


You'll receive the print-ready PDF and the Canva template in case you want to edit anything.

Lyrically Me (get-to-know-you printable activity)

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