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This is a comprehensive resource tailored for high school students (and even some upper grade middle school students) to help them master introduction paragraph writing by providing them with scaffolded notes and hands-on practice.


No more boring or frustrating writing lessons - empower your students to become skilled writers while having some fun along the way.


Why choose this resource?


🚀 Engaging Notes: The meticulously crafted eye-catching digital notes are designed to captivate students' interest from the very beginning while providing step-by-step guides, relevant examples, and even mnemonic devices to help them retain the information.


🎯 Interactive Activities: I believe in embedding hands-on learning whenever possible. This resource houses interactive activities that have students actively engage with the material, both in groups and individually, ensuring better comprehension and less snoozing through lessons.


📝 Exit Tickets: Evaluate progress effortlessly with the ready-to-use exit tickets included. These quick assessments help gauge your students' understanding, allowing you to adjust your teaching strategy accordingly.


📽️ Mini-Tutorial Video Walkthrough: Not sure where to start? I provide a video walkthrough as a step-by-step guide on how to effectively use the materials in the Google Drive folder, saving you valuable prep time. I also provide some insight on running the lessons.


Flexible Usage, Lasting Impact: Whether you teach 50-minute classes, 90-minute classes, have block scheduling, or something in between, this resource can be adapted to your class schedule. You're in control of the pace, allowing you to nurture your students' writing skills at their own speed. It can be completed within a few days, in a week, or extended to two weeks.

Introduction Paragraph Writing | Interactive Notes + Activities

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