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This is a dynamic resource designed to engage and enlighten high school students during Hispanic Heritage Month and beyond with several different activities and materials that promote a deeper understanding of Latin American culture and identity.


The Google Slides and editable Canva template are both included.


Included in this resource:

- Spoken word activities: two compelling spoken word pieces that challenge stereotypes and explore the complexities of Latinidad, meant to stimulate critical thinking and foster discussions about identity. Use one, or both, or change them out for another of your choosing.


- Mini-choice board: students can choose between 3 articles and 3 videos that highlight the distinctions between the terms 'Hispanic,' 'Latino,' and 'Latinx'. All videos and articles (with questions on Google Docs) are editable.


- Interactive map activity: put your students' geography skills to the test with an interactive drag-and-drop activity where they match Spanish-speaking Latin American countries to their correct locations on a map


- Links to supplemental activity options


*Disclaimer - some of the content in this resource discusses what can be considered sensitive topics such as gender and racial inclusivity - as with any resource, please go through it before assigning to ensure the videos/articles (all editable) are aligned with your classes/school's policies.

Hispanic Heritage Month Resource

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