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Perfect for upper middle school or high school students, this resource is packed with imaginative and educational holiday fun in the theme of everyone's favorite "un-jolly" green Christmas giant


Use these interactive digital slides before or after winter break for a rest from regularly scheduled content, while still engaging students with a mix of self-reflection prompts and creative writing opportunities.


You can also break up the activities and use them for morning meeting, bell work, or a Fun Friday.


Here's a preview of what's included:

- Themed This or That

- Mini-Poetry writing exercise

- Various short prompts

- Caption writing activity

- Decorate the lair activity

and more!


Resource Highlights:

  • Easy Implementation: Ready-to-use materials save you time and effort in lesson planning.
  • Adaptable for All Settings: Whether in-person or remote, these activities seamlessly integrate into various teaching environments.
  • Cross-Curricular Appeal: Engage students across subjects with a blend of language arts, creative writing, and holiday-themed discussions.

Grinch-themed Engaging Slides

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