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Inspire a culture of gratitude and literacy with your middle school and high school students with this comprehensive gratitude letter resource.


This heartfelt package equips teachers with an array of tools and materials, designed to empower students to express their appreciation towards friends, family, or school staff. Not only will students learn the art of writing meaningful letters, but they will also enhance their grammar and language skills as they practice engaging with figurative language, transition words, and sentence variety.


What's Included:

- Printable Templates: Full-page and half-page designs (with lines) available for easy print-and-go


- Sentence Stems + Examples: For students who may need a little nudge to begin, there's a selection of sentence stems that will help them find the right words to convey their feelings. These prompts ensure that even the most hesitant writers can get started with confidence.


- Editable Instructions + Rubric: Tailor the resource to your classroom's unique needs. The editable instructions, allow you to customize the guidance you provide to your students and the assignment requirements, ensuring it aligns perfectly with your teaching objectives.


The editable rubric also allows you to define your criteria for evaluation, ensuring that the focus remains on the skills and qualities that matter most to you. And if you like what's already on there, then you are good to go!


- Editable Exemplar: Use this as a reference point and a source of inspiration for your students. You can make it as personalized as you'd like :)


- Supplemental Links: Including a video on gratitude and helpful extra notes on different types of sentences


Perfect for the Thanksgiving season, or truly, any time of year!

Gratitude Letter Writing

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