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If you're like me and love to give class superlatives/student awards at the end of the year, this resource puts a little twist on it. On each award there is a different influential figure from all walks of life and the message for why the student is receiving the award is tailored to why that figure is influential.


It's a really cool way to speak life into your students, in addition to exposing them to an array of positive and inclusive global icons. 


Included are two versions of this resource - one that is completely filled out, except for student names, and the second that has space for editable messages, and a few blank copies in which you can edit all the text and add your own pictures.


Although there are moving GIFs in the awards, you can still print them and they'll look cute :) You can also award them digitally via email or however else you see fit.


A few other ideas include: having students do a gallery walk after award presentations and maybe a reflection on takeaways, new things learned, etc.; having students pair or group up and research each other's influential figure and then do a mini-presentation. Students can then also try to connect the dots and give their take on if they feel they match up with that figure; you can make the awards into a big celebration with snacks and short speeches, etc. for a little end-of-year fun. You and your students deserve it!

End-of-Year Student Awards

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$3.00Sale Price
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