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I absolutely love doing these challenges (think Amazing Race style) with my students to close out the year,


I break students up into groups of 3 or 4 and have them compete to complete all 15 challenges as fast (and thorough) as possible. This usually takes students anywhere from 20-30 mins and I give them candy or something silly as a pize. 


The challenges include:

- impersonating the teacher

- sun salutations (for their mental health)

- 10 reps of an exercise (benefitting their mental and physical health)

- mirror affirmations

- a picture of the team being "book worms"

- the old school Kid n' Play dance

- a picture of a drawing to represent the class 

- a toilet paper fashion show challenge

- a floor cheer pyramid challenge

- being the teacher 

- a haiku

- positive chalk messages

- a picture for a class memory box 

- a line dance

- a Breakfast Club style group snapshot


There is also an editable slide deck included, where you can create your own challenges instead and just use mine as inspo.


Hope you have tons of laughs and smiles from this activity :)

End-of-Year Challenge Competition

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