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The resource includes two versions and a tech tutorial on editing the slides via Theme Builder on Google Slides.


Daily Agenda Slides change the game in any classroom 🔥

Once you build this routine for your students, it keeps both you and them organized AND is a great way to maintain low-stakes relationship building. Start this new routine for the upcoming school year if you haven't already!


*This resource includes ALL weekdays from JULY 29, 2024 - JUNE 27, 2025.


Slide backgrounds are fixed but all the text boxes/shapes are editable and they are currently preloaded with dates and attendance questions.


⬇️ Check out these customer reviews:

⭐️ "This is the best purchase I have made. I love the attendance question. It is a great get-to-know-you for my students."


⭐️ "I love every resource by Simply Ana P! I absolutely loved this one! I have been using it daily, and my students love it! It makes for interesting conversations, and they look forward to the new attendance question."


⭐️ "My students enjoy the daily questions and I enjoy the engaging slides that I can adapt for my students. The agenda is used daily."


⭐️ "I will never stop using this resource. The students love the attendance questions and I feel as though I've been able to interact with them even more through this process. It ensures that I have a one-on-one interaction with every student, every day. I also like how the resource is keeping me organized. I finally feel as though I am ahead of the game. I have these slides set up to send each morning in Google classroom so even the absent students know what was going on, but I can get the entire week set up distribution early. This is a game changer for me."

Daily Agenda Slides (Full Year 2024-2025)

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