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"Checkouts" by Cynthia Rylant is one of my absolute favorite short stories to use during Valentine's Day season each year :)


This story and resource are short and sweet, great for quick insight on where your students are as far as reading comprehension and work ethic, and a fun read for the kids as well.


Instead of just a regular reading comprehension worksheet, this interactive slide deck has 8 activities to review the short story including a:

- Prompt for an ideal shopping spree

- Characterization graphic organizer

- Slide with 4 open-ended comprehension/critical thinking questions

- Prompt for an ideal "meet cute"

- Word search (8 words significant in the story)

- Prompt for explaining/defending the significance of the words in the word search

- Prompt for writing 2 theme-based haikus

- Prompt for writing an alternate ending

Valentine's Day Short Story Interactive During/Post-Reading Activities

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