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This interactive resource is a creative way to review characterization and analysis!


The great thing about this two-in-one feature is that you can give your students one activity for one text and the other for another text OR you can provide students with choice - post both activities for them and allow them to choose which one they want to complete. You can also allow choice with digital or print, just to give you some options :)


The assignment you create with this can be as simple or as complex as you'd like, depending on how you ask students to justify their designs. 

- Keeping it simple? Ask for a brief synopsis of their design choices in a mini-paragraph

- Looking for more rigor? Ask students to embed text evidence into their justification paragraph and/or write it using the RACE(CE) method. You could also require that all of their design choices be based on indirect characterization in the text, instead of direct. 

Character Cap / Character Crocs

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