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This resource is meant to help with back-to-school relationship-building with your students while piquing their interest in a different topic.


Students can explore the topic of '3' significance while also sharing their:

- fave music

- fave movies/games/tv shows

- fave snacks

- wishes

- strengths

- goals

- pictures

- interests

- dream destinations

* and engage in a self-care challenge :)


Included is a Google Drive folder housing supplemental articles and videos, the Google Slides resource, AND a short resource/tech tutorial where I walk you through how to use it and some extra ideas. 


The power of 3 crosses religions, cultures, and even subjects - being used in math and writing (speech and other). I'm always looking for ways to engage the kids in activities while promoting some form of learning - other than our usual lessons and standards. Sometimes I feel like the fun of learning just to learn has been a dying art form, and I'm dying to find ways to bring it back!


Hope you love it!

BTS 2023 SZN: The Power of 3

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