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Tech X backwards planning 2nd semester

Masterclass + Supplemental Goodies


Let's get your 2nd semester plans squared away - your future self will thank you!

Let's slay the back-from-break teacher anxiety and the ultimate Sunday Scaries from now, together. Snag the recording of this masterclass to steal my exact strategy for backwards planning. 

I know, I know, with winter break coming up, you're just barely making it to that halfway finish line. But how amazing would you feel the week you come back from break with a solid plan and framework to tackle second semester?

In this masterclass, I covered...

Grab the recording today for less than
2 cups of coffee!

For just $9.99, you'll get:

- The hour-long masterclass recording

- An extra mini-tutorial on prep steps

- Templates and links to all platforms mentioned

- Bonus interactive resources you can use in your classroom second semester!

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